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[Bionews] Bionet 20 year anniversary: early news of the Human Genome project

Don Gilbert via bionews%40net.bio.net (by gilbertd from net.bio.net)
Sat Dec 8 22:58:52 EST 2007

Dear readers,

Twenty years ago, an ambitious project to sequence of the human
genome was being discussed on BIONET.

The BIOSCI / Bionet electronic forum for biology news and
discussion is celebrating its 20th year anniversary, and looking
forward to another twenty. 

-- Don Gilbert, http://www.bio.net/

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  From: MAU... from BIONET-20.ARPA
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  Subject: OTA Report/Requests on Human Genome Initiative
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  Date: 12 Dec 87 20:53:53 GMT
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  From: Sunil Maulik <MAU... from BIONET-20.ARPA>
    BIONET Users:
  The congressional  Office of  Technology  Assessment is  conducting  a
  study of mapping and  sequencing the human  genome.  The basic  issues
  addressed are  whether Congress  should support  a concerted  research
  effort on the  human genome, and  if so, how  it should be  organized,
  funded,  and   coordinated   within   domestic   agencies   and   with
  international  research  efforts.   The   genome  project  staff   has
  completed an initial draft  of the report that  is being sent out  for
  review, and we thought it would  be useful to solicit the comments  of
  the BIONET community.   We will be  placing the text  of the  overview
  chapter into contributed software where you can access it by file name
  (genome.text).  Your comments and suggestions can be transmitted to us
  via e-mail on BIONET (cook- deegan.courteau), or mailed to Dr.  Robert
  Cook-Deegan, Biological  Applications  Program, Office  of  Technology
  Assessment, U.S. Congress, Washington,  D.C.  20510-8025.  If you  are
  interested in reviewing other chapters of the report, please write and
  let us  know which  ones to  send  you (table  of contents  is  listed
         Chapter 1.  Summary (to be completed later)
         Chapter 2.  Introduction and Overview
         Chapter 3.  Technologies for Mapping DNA
         Chapter 4.  Applications to Research in Biology and Medicine
         Chapter 5.  Ethical Implications
         Chapter 6.  Agencies and Organizations in the United States
         Chapter 7.  Options for Organizational Structure
         Chapter 8.  International Efforts
         Appendices (to be prepared)
         Appendix A.  Participant in OTA workshops
         Appendix B.  Memebers of national advisory panels on the human genome
         Appendix C.  Topics of OTA contract reports [List of OTA contract 
          reports; those not known to be in press elsewhere will be 
          released to the National Technical Information Service in 
         Appendix D.  Databases and Repositories in molecular biology
         Appendix E.  Cost data on human genome projects
         Appendix F.  Bibliometric data on mapping and sequencing
         Appendix G.  Glossary.
  Your comments and suggestions will be most useful if they are received
  by December 17  at the  latest.  Please  remember that  the report  is
  still in draft  form, and must  not be quoted,  cited, or  reproduced.
  Thank you.
              Jacqueline Courteau
              Research Assistant
              Biological Applications Program, OTA

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