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ISESS 1997 -advanced programm and registration call

Gerald Schimak schimak at arcs.ac.at
Fri Jan 17 02:59:33 EST 1997


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         |                C O N F E R E N C E                ||

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         |              A N N O U N C E M E N T              || =

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         |                      A N D                        ||

         |                                                   ||

         |            A D V A N C E  P R O G R A M           ||

         |                                                   ||

         |                                                   ||

         |                I S E S S   1 9 9 7                ||

         |            =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D            ||

         |                                                   ||

         |                                                   ||

         |         Second International Symposium on         ||

         |          Environmental Software Systems           ||

         |         ----------------------------------        ||

         |                                                   ||

         |       http://cfc.crle.uoguelph.ca/isess97/        ||

         |                                                   ||

         |               April 28 - May 1, 1997              ||

         |                                                   ||

         |               Delta Whistler Resort,              ||

         |         Whistler, British Columbia, Canada        ||

         |                                                   |+




News from ISESS 1997



  * C o n f e r e n c e   S t a t u s   S u m m a r y

    * The advance conference program has been set in late December

      1996. Consult the program below to see which papers will be



    * Registration is now possible; see registration details below

      or consult our registration page on our conference home page.

    * IMPORTANT: To register, print off the registration page and

      send it to the conference registration office along with your =

      payment. You will receive a notification and a receipt as =

      soon as the payment has been processed.      =


      All communication prior to the conference will be done by an

      EMAIL list on which you will be registered if you give us

      your email on the registration form. We plan to send out a =

      final conference program about 4 weeks before the conference.

      The full conference package will be provided at Whistler.

    * Make your hotel reservation with the Delta Whistler directly.

      Indicate on their WEB page (or call or fax them) that you are

      ISESS 1997 participant, in order to receive the conference =

      hotel rate. You must have registered for the conference =

      before you can make a reservation with the hotel.

    * Travel details from Vancouver to Whistler can be found on =

      our home page too. There is a regular cheap shuttle service

      from Vancouver airport.

  * C o n f e r e n c e   A d v a n c e   P r o g r a m =

    (see below)

  * C o n f e r e n c e   R e g i s t r a t i o n   D e t a i l s

    (see below)

  * C o n f e r e n c e   A i r l i n e

    Air Canada, the official ISESS 1997 conference airline, offers

    special fares for ISESS 1997 delegates. In order to receive the

    special fare, just consult your local travel agent and indicate

    that ISESS 1997 has Air Canada as official airline. Give your

    travel agent the following event reference number:

                          CV 972 131

    Air Canada provides this offer world wide, along with its =

    international partners (like United and Lufthansa).

  * W H I S C E I  -  The Whistler Short Course on

                      Environmental Informatics

    Several universities have combined their teaching efforts in

    a multi-disciplinary, international joint university course.

    This course is run before, in parallel and after the =

    conference. Students will also participate at the conference.

    In principle, this course is open to everyone, also to further

    faculty and to industry and government institutions. The course

    gives an overview on environmental informatics principles,

    problems and applications. If you are interested in this =

    course, please contact us (David Swayne or Ralf Denzer) =



ISESS 1997 Scope


  Due to increasing practical needs, the software support of

  environmental protection and research tasks is growing in

  importance and scope. =


  ISESS 1997 is the following of a very successful conference

  which was held at Penn State University, Malvern, PA, USA in

  1995. This conference was the first international conference =

  on Environmental Informatics co-sponsored by the International

  Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) and the German

  Computer Society (GI).


  The purpose of the symposium is to present and discuss =

  the progress and actual trends in this area in terms of =

  methods, tools and state-of-the-art applications.

Topics and methods


  Topics of ISESS 1997 include all application areas of

  environmental protection and all informatics methods =

  thereof, like

  Applications                    Methods

  ------------                    -------

  Monitoring                      Measurement networks

  Waste management                Remote sensing

  Water resources                 Digital image processing

  Impact assessment               Information systems

  Public information systems      Modeling and simulation

  Global change                   Visualization

  Ecosystem research              GIS

  Chemical databases              Spatial databases

  Process control                 Distributed systems

  Ecological management           Knowledge based methods

  Ecobalances                     System integration

  and many more.


A D V A N C E   P R O G R A M =


Keynote Lecture I


  Atmospheric Environmental Information - An Overview with =

  Canadian Example

    Ann Mc Millan, Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada


Ecological and Agricultural Applications I


  Integration of a Nonpoint Source Pollution Model with a

  Decision Support System

    Luis F. L=E9on, University of Waterloo, Canada

    D. C. Lam, Environment Canada, Canada

    D. A. Swayne, Univ. of Guelph, Canada

    G. J. Farquhar, E. D. Soulis, University of Waterloo, Canada

  The Wildlife Management System of Schleswig-Holstein -

  A GIS based tool to monitor Game and endangered species

    Peter Fischer, Universitaet des Saarlandes, Germany


  Subpixel mixture Modeling Applied for vegetation Monitoring

    Sonia Bouzidi, INRIA, France

    J. P. Berroir, I. L. Herlin, INRIA, France

Object-Oriented Systems



  Groundwater Modeling Using the Random Walk Method on Top

  of Distributed Object-Oriented-Systems

    Andreas Matheja, Franzius Institut, Uni Hannover, Germany

    H. Krabbe, Freiberg University of Technology, Germany

  Applying the Object-Oriented Paradigm to Integrated

  Water Resource Planning and Management

    Jacek Gibert, CSIRO, Australia

    Shiroma Maheepala, CSIRO, Australia

  Object-Oriented Specification of Models and Experiments

  in Traffic Simulation

    Holger Mueggegge, University of Hamburg, Germany

    L. M. Hilty, B. Page, R. Meyer, University of Hamburg, Germany

Environmental Information Systems I	=


  A case study of a data management strategy and an environment

  information system for a large interdisciplinary science

  research program

    Anne Roberts, Institute of Hydrology, Great Britain

  Design and Prototype of an Information System for Regional


    Roman Lenz, Fachhochschule Nuertingen, Germany

  Using Active Database Behaviour for Monitoring =

  Environmental Data

    Johannes Gutleber, Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf

    Gerald Schimak, Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf

Decision Support


  An Environmental Impact Assessment Model for Water =

  Resources Screening

    M. A. Yurdusev, Newcastle University, Great Britain

    D. G. Jamieson, Newcastle University, Great Britain

  Great Lakes Toxic Chemicals Decision Support System

    W. G. Booty, National Water Research Institute, Canada

    D. C. L. Lam, T. Tseng, Environment Canada, Canada

    I. Smith Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy, Canada

    P. Siconolfi, ES Aquatic Inc., Canada

  Spatially Distributed Parameter Approach for A Watershed-Scale

  Nonpoint Source Pollution Modeling Coupled with GIS-RDBMS

    Jaewan Yoon, Old Dominion University, USA


Modelling and Simulation I


  Distributed Individual-based Environmental Simulation

    Mark Scahill, University of Kent at Canterbury, Great Britain

  Monte-Carlo Simulation of Rain Water Harvesting Systems

    Vikram Vyas, Ajit Foundation, India

  The implementation and visualization of a large spatial

  individual-based model using Fortran 90

    David. R. Morse, University of Kent, Great Britain

    Tim Hopkins, University of Kent, Great Britain

Knowledge Based Systems


  Knowledge Based Systems for Water Demand Management

    M. Luay Froukh, Newcastle University, Great Britain

  Development of an Environmental Flows Decision Support System

    W. J. Young, CSIRO Division of Water Resources, Australia

    D. C. Lam, National Water Research Institute, Canada

    V. Ressel, University of Agricultural Sciences, Austria

    I. W. Wong, National Water Research Institute, Canada

  Conserving Resources Through Better Planning

    Oliver Vornberger, Universitaet Osnabrueck, Germany

    Frank M. Thiesing, University of Osnabrueck, Germany

Keynote Lecture II


  The Development of Computer Based Watershed Management Systems -

  The RAISON Perspective

    D.C.L. Lam,  Environment Canada, Canada

    Gary S. Bowen, Environment Canada, Canada

    C. I. Mayfield, University of Waterloo, Canada

Modelling and Simulation II


  Large Scale Simulation/Optimization Modeling for Water

  Resource Allocation in East-Central Florida

    Carol Demas, University of Florida, USA

    P. Burger, D. Munch, St. Johns River Water Management, USA

    K. Hatfield, D. Hearn,  Univ. of Florida, USA

Modelling and Simulation II


  Individual-oriented modeling and simulation to analyse

  complex environmental systems

    Rolf Gruetzner, Universitaet Rostock, Germany


  A Guidance System for Choosing Analytical Contaminant

  Transport Models

    Lu-chia Chuang, Univ. of Houston, USA

    Theodore G. Cleveland, University of Houston, USA

Environmental Software Tools


  Environmental Software and Management Questions -

  Is the Cart before the Horse

    Robert M. Argent, University of Melbourne, Australia

    R. B. Grayson, University of Melbourne, Australia

  General Purpose Computer-Aided Engineering Tools for

  Environmental Software Systems

    Chris Hendrickson, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

    J. Garrett, Arpad Horvath, Satish Joshi, Octavio Juarez,

    Francis C. Mc Michael, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  Knowledge-based decision support for environmental assessment

    Keith M. Reynolds, Corvallis Forestry Sciences Laboratory, USA

    Michael Saunders, Penn State University, USA

    Bruce Miller, Rules of Thumb Inc., USA

    Scott Murray, ESRI, USA

    John Slade, Knowledge Garden Inc., USA

Tutorial I


  Base Technologies for Distributed Environmental Information =


    Ralf Kramer, Forschungszentrum fuer Informatik, Germany

Tutorial II


  A Distributed Systems Approach to Ecological Modelling

    David. R. Morse, University of Kent, Great Britain

    I. C. A. Buckner, V. Jhurree, Great Britain

Modelling and Simulation III


  Integrating Simulation Models into the Environmental Information

  Systems - Model Analysis

    Thomas Clemen, Universitaet Kiel, Germany


  Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Atmospheric =

  Back-Trajectories, with Application to Long Range =

  Transport of Air Pollution

    J. D. Mac Neil, University of Guelph, Canada

    L. Barrie, Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada

Geographical Information System Applications


  Information System for Conservation in Veracruz, Mexico

    Lorrain Giddings, Instituto de Ecologia, A.Cs., Mexico

    Carlos Chiappy, Margarita Soto, Lilia Gama, =

    Instituto de Ecologia, Mexico

  An Approach for Hypermap-based Applications

    Maria Nelson, University of Waterloo, Canada

    P.S. Alencar, D. D. Cowan, T.R. Grove, C. I. Mayfield,

    University of Waterloo, Canada

Keynote Lecture III


  Environmental Management Information Systems for =

  Production and Recycling

    Lorenz M. Hilty, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany

    Claus Rautenstrauch, University of Konstanz, Germany

Industrial Environmental Information Processing I


  Integrated Environmental Impact Modeling for Computational

  Building Design Evaluation

    Ardeshir Mahdavi, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

    Robert Ries, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  The EH & S cooperation developing a new product safety =

  database for improved business process support in =

  environmental and safety affairs

    Andreas Schuh, BASF AG, Germany

Meta Information Systems


  Data and Metadata Management in Distributed Environmental

  Information Systems

    Ralf Kramer, Forschungszentrum fuer Informatik, Germany

    A. Koschel, Ralf Nikolai, FZI, Germany

    Gergely Lukacs, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

    Thomas Heinemeier, Joint Research Center, Italy

  Intelligent Guiding to User Services in Earth Observation

  and Environmental Systems

    Matthias Zingler, European Space Agency ESA/ESRIN, Italy

Poster Session


  A Case Study of REMTEC: the Site remediation treatment =

  technology database

    D. S. Brendon, Water Technology International Corp., Canada

    R. Booth, C. Wardlaw, Water Technology =

    International Corp., Canada

  Air Quality Information System =

    Hossam Allam, Centre for Environment and Development for

    the Arab Region and Europe, Egypt

  A Software System for Emergency Rescue Services

    Viktor P. Belogurov, Ukrainian Scientific Center for =

    Protection of Water, Ukraine


  A flexible real-time flow forecasting model

    David Wilson, Hydro-Electric Commission, Australia

    Roger Parkyn, Hydro-Electric Commission, Australia

  Simple Grid Mapping Software for Resource Management =

  and Education

    Aquiles Negrete Yankelevic, Instituto de Ecolog=EDa, Mexico


  A Time Series Database for Environmental Data

    Guy Halliburton, National Institute of Water & =

    Atmospheric Research, New Zealand


  A computer aided learning tool for an urban sewer =

  system simulator

    Debebe Aschalew, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

    W. Bauwens, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

    L. Fuchs, ITWH Hannover, Germany

  Using Computer Based Training to Aid in the Application of

  Environmental Assessment Legislation - Canadian International

  Development (CIDA) Case Example

    Peter Croal, Environmental Assessm. and Compliance Unit, Canada


  The World Wide Web as a Two-Way Information Source

    Bruce MacDonald, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada

    David A. Swayne, University of Guelph, Canada

    Ralf Denzer, Andreas Hess, Dirk Jessberger, =

    HTW des Saarlandes, Germany

Industrial Environmental Information Processing II


  Development of a Pollution Prevention Tool for Design of

  Continuous Chemical Processes

    D.W. Pennington, Hong-Kong University of Science and =

    Technology, Hong Kong

    P. L. Yue, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, =

    Hong Kong

  Application of Fuzzy Petri Net Simulation for Environmental

  Integrated Controlling of Product Networks

    G. Siestrup, Universitaet Bremen, Germany

    A. Tuma, H. D. Haasis, University of Bremen, Germany

Environmental Information Systems II


  Automation of Information Support for Environmental Management

  in the Republic of Bashkortostan

    V. E. Gvozdev, Inst. for Applied Ecology and Natural =

    Resources Use, Russia

    S. V. Pavlov, R. Z. Khamitov, Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia

  Environmental problems - a transnational solution supporting

  cooperation of all relevant social forces

    Josef Burgard, Siemens Telekooperationszentrum, Germany

    J. Schweitzer, DFKI, R. Denzer,  R. Guettler, HTWdS,

    R. Pfannkuche, SNI, Germany,

    B. Hoffmann, U. Kleffner, Stadtverband Saarbruecken, Germany,

    R. Momper, Ville de Saargemuines, France,

    C. Marchionini, Argopol, France

    H. Humer, G. Schimak, ARCS, Austria

World Wide Web Applications


  Inside an Environmental Data Archive WWW Site

    Sarah Jennings, Univ. of Tennessee; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US=

    Jon W. Grubb, Teresa G. Yow, Anthony W. Smith, Oak Ridge

    National Laboratory, USA

  Management of Distributed and Heterogeneous Sources of

  Information for Environmental Administrations

    Wolf-Fritz Riekert, FAW Ulm	Germany

    Margit Gaul, Gerhard Kluegl, Gerlinde Wiest, FAW Ulm, Germany

    Inge Henning, MfU Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

  Set-Up and Evaluation of DAIN - Matadatabase of

  Internet Resources for Environmental Chemicals

    Kristina Voigt, GSF-Forschungszentrum, Germany

    J. Benz, Universitaet-Gesamthochschule Kassel, Germany

Ecological and Agricultural Applications II


  Srap model of agrochemicals transport from farmland

  with storm water

    Volodimir Z. Kolpak, Ukrainian Scientific Center for

    Protection of Water, Ukraine

    V. A. Barannik, Ukrainian Scientific Research Center for

    Protection of Waters, Ukraine

  Integration of Constraint Reasoning and Simulation Modelling

  to solve Forest Harvest Scheduling

    Junas Adhikary, Simon Fraser University, Canada

    Gunnar Misund, SINTEF Oslo, Norway

  Soil Prediction on a low Budget ? - Ask the Expert!

    Martin Ameskamp, University Kiel Germany

Keynote Lecture IV


  Neuro-Fuzzy Methods for Environmental Modeling

    Martin Purvis, University of Otago, New Zealand

Best Papers of ISESS 1997


  Re-engineering the German Integrated System for Measuring and

  Assessing Environmental Radioactivity

    Ernst-Erich Doberkat, ICD - Abt. Softwaretechnik, Germany

    Fritz Schmidt, IKE, Germany

    Chritof Veltmann, Informatik Centrum Dortmund, Germany

  Modelling Ecological Change on Set-Aside arable land using

  a GIS approach

    Ruth D. Swetnam, The Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, =

    Great Britain

    Les G. Firbank, Noranne E. Ellis, Mark O. Hill, The Institute

    of Terrestrial Ecology, Great Britain

  GIS-based risk assessment of water supply intakes in

  the British Uplands

    J.A. Foster, University of Leeds, Great Britain

    A. T. McDonald, S. M. MacGill, University of Leeds, England

    I. Mitchell, Yorkshire Water Service Ltd., England


ISESS 1997 Organization


Organizing Societies


  * German Computer Society

    TC 4.6 Informatics Technology in Environmental Protection

  * University of Guelph

  * Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf

  * Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes

  * Environmental Informatics Institute

Conference chair


  Prof. Dr. Ralf Denzer

  German Computer Society


Conference co-chairs


  Prof. Dr. David A. Swayne

  University of Guelph


  Dipl. Ing. Gerald Schimak

  Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf


Program chair


  Prof. Dr. Bernd Page

  University of Hamburg


Special program chair for agriculture, forestry and ecology


 Prof. Dr. Roman Lenz

Fachhochschule Nuertingen



Conference location


 ISESS Whistler 1997: A conference on environmental informatics

 with a venue that you'll not forget.

 Whistler Mountain and its companion Blackcomb form the backdrop

 for arguably the premier ski and outdoors alpine recreation

 location of North America, loacted just 105 kms North of Vancouver

 (rated amongst the 10 most beautiful cities in the world). =

 The route to Whistler uses the breathtaking Sea to Sky highway =

 North from the city.

 The conference venue is the elegant Delta Whistler Resort. Special

 conference rates have been negotiated (CDN$ 109+tax). Arrangement

 for computers and connections to the internet are available right

 at the hotel.

 Transportation from Vancouver airport to Whistler is very

 inexpensive and frequent.

 For information about Whistler, see http://www.whistler.com/. =


International program committee


Program committee members


  Dr. Dave Abel

    CSIRO, Division of Information Technology


  Mr. James Alpigini

    Lockheed Martin Communication Systems


  Prof. Dr. N. Avouris

    University of Patras


  Dr. Gerd Buziek

    University of Hannover


  Prof. Dr. George Burns

    Glasgow Caledonian University

    United Kingdom

  Prof. Dr. D. D. Cowan

    University of Waterloo, =

    Computing Science Department


  Prof. Dr. Ralf Denzer

    Saarland State University for =

    Technology and Business


  Prof. Dr. E. E. Doberkat

    University of Dortmund


  Prof. Dr. Rolf Gruetzner

    University of Rostock, =

    Faculty of Computer Science


  Prof. Dr. Giorgio Guariso

    Politecnico di Milano


  Prof. Dr. Oliver Geunther



  Prof. Dr. Reiner Guettler

    Saarland State University for =

    Technology and Business


  Dipl. Ing. Wernfried Haas

    Joanneum Research

    Forschungsgesellschaft mbH


  Prof. Dr. Hans Hagen

    University of Kaiserslautern


  Dr. Andreas Jaeschke

    Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe


  Dipl. Ing. Erwin Knappitsch

    Federal Environmental Agency, Vienna


  Prof. Dr. D. C. L. Lam

    National Water Research Institute, Burlington


  Dr. Roman Lenz

    GSF Research Center for =

    Environment and Health, Munich


  Dr. Anton Mangstl

    Zentralstelle fuer Agrardokumentation =

    und -Information, Bonn


  Prof. Dr. Colin Mayfield

    University of Waterloo


  Dr. Ann Mc Millan

    Atmospheric Environment Service, Downsview


  Prof. Dr. P. Herbert Osanna

    T.U. Vienna


  Prof. Dr. Bernd Page

    University of Hamburg


  Dr. David Peters

    Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service


  Dr. Werner Pillmann

    Oesterreichisches Bundesinsitut =

    fuer Gesundheitswesen


  Dr. Theresa-Marie Rhyne

    Lockheed Martin, =

    U.S. EPA Scientific Visualization Center


  Dr. Philip K. Robertson

    CSIRO, Division of Information Technology


  Prof. Dr. David Russell

    PennState Great Valley


  Dipl. Ing. Gerald Schimak

    Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf


  Dr. Hubertus Schmidtke

    Scherrer & Assoc.


  Dr. Thomas Schuetz

    Federal Enviromental Agency, Berlin


  Prof. Dr. D. Swayne

    University of Guelph


  Dr. William J. Walley

    Aston University

    United Kingdom

  Dr. Matthias Zingler




German Computer Society, TC 4.6 liaison


  Prof. Dr. Bernd Page

    University of Hamburg


IFIP WG 5.11 liaison


  Prof. Dr. Giorgio Guariso

    Politecnico di Milano



Further information


  Further information can be obtained from:

  David A. Swayne

  Department of Computing & Information Science

  University of Guelph

  Guelph, Ontario

  Canada, N1G 2W1

  dswayne at snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca

  Gerald Schimak =

  Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf

  2444 Seibersdorf


  schimak at zdfzs.arcs.ac.at

  Ralf Denzer

  Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft

  des Saarlandes

  Goebenstr. 40

  66117 Saarbruecken


  denzer at htw.uni-sb.de


Actual information


  A version of this conference announcement including links to the =

  organizers, information about ISESS 1995 proceedings, links to =

  information about Whistler, links to the hotel, links to =

  transportation and actual NEWS about ISESS 1997, =

  is maintained at:


  For ISESS's publications please have a look at =


  or email to: =

  needtoknow at chall.co.uk (for information only)

  musthaveuk at itps.co.uk  (UK orders)

  musthave at itps.co.uk    (rest of world orders)


Conference Offices for ISESS 1997


Registration Office


  (send registrations ONLY to this address)

  Environmental Informatics Institute

  P.O. Box 11 15

  69251 Gaiberg


  Fon +49 (6223) 970235

Canada Office and Conference Secretary


  (direct all other communication to this address)

  Mrs. Linda Robson

  Department of Computing & Information Science

  University of Guelph

  Guelph, Ontario

  Canada, N1G 2W1

  Email linda at snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca

  Fon   +1 519-824-4120 ext. 3760

  Fax   +1 519-837-0323


Registration Guidelines for ISESS 1997


   * Conference Registration

     Register with form below; registrations with payment =

     received at our conference office before March 1 will be =

     subject to the reduced early conference fee. For member rates,

     we need your membership number. Registration is only possible

     in written form, with your signature and along with payment. =

     Email registration is invalid.

   * Hotel Registration

     The Delta Whistler will keep rooms for conference participants

     due March 26, 1996. You must have registered for the con-

     ference first, in order to have a guaranteed conference rate.

     Rooms are subject to availability but before March 26, the =

     Delta Whistler offers all its rooms to ISESS 1997 delegates.

     After that date, rooms may be sold out. Register on the Delta

     Whistler registration page AND indicate under comments =

     "ISESS 1997" in order to get the conference room rate.

     Fon  +1 604-932-1982, =

     Fax  +1 604-932-7332, =

     Toll Free: 1-800-268-1133

     E-mail:delta at whistler.net

      Mail: 4050 Whistler Way, Whistler, B.C. V0N 1B4

   * Transport

     Information on transport from Vancouver to Whistler can be

     found on the Whistler home page.


      The least expensive is by bus

       Perimeter Transportation Ltd. +1 604-266-5386 =

	from Whistler +905-0041 =

	Daily departures to Whistler from

	Vancouver International Airport. =

     Departs Vancouver Airport Daily: *9:30am; 11:30am; 1:30pm; 3:30pm; 5=

     7:30pm; 10:30pm =

     Departs Whistler: ** 6:00am; 8:00am; 10:00am; 12:00pm; 2:00pm; 4:00p=
m =

     Rates: Adult - $42.80 Cdn. one way, Children 5 - 11 - $21.40 Cdn. on=
e way,

     under 5 - FREE (all prices include 7% Goods and Service Tax).

     Budget Rent-a Car is the preferred car rental agency of ISESS97.

	Car rentals are available world-wide through the Budget network.

   * Leisure before and after the conference

     You may book all activities when in Whistler. The Delta has =

     its own ski & rental shop. During the conference, this is =

     still ski season and the golf season in the valley is usually

     opened on May 1. Subject to weather conditions, mountain =

     biking and more activities are possible.   The Delta Whistler =

     is only about 75 meters from the base of both mountains, so

     transportation is not an issue while you are at the conference.

     Whistler-Blackcomb Resorts Office:

     Fon  +1 888-284-9999

     email resorts at whistler.net

   * SUMMARY: You find all information necessary for registration

     and travel if you visit our home page - we have set the links to mos=

     of the whistler web regarding reservations, activities and transport=





                           - cut here -


              ISESS 1997 Conference Registration Form

              (Please PRINT this form, fill out, SIGN

       and SEND to the registration office along with payment)

 E M A I L  R E G I S T R A T I O N  I S  N O T  P O S S I B L E

1. Terms and Conditions of Payment

For your convenience, we offer different payment methods for North

American and European participants. Delegates from other parts of

the world shall use the North American payment method. SORRY, WE


Payment must be

   * a cheque in Canadian dollars on a North American bank payable

     to "Environmental Informatics Institute" (see CAN-$ fees =

     below) for participants from North America and Non-EU citizens


   * a Euro-Cheque in DM payable to "Environmental Informatics =

     Institute" (see DM fees below) for EU citizens

Payment must be received at our conference office by the early

registration date MARCH 1, 1997 in order to receive the early

conference rate. Cancellations are subject to a CAN-$ 100 =

administration fee. No refunds will be made after April 1, as for =

each participant the necessary resources will have been allocated =

by that date. Membership rates only apply if you give us your =

membership number. Registrations must be sent to:

        Environmental Informatics Institute

        P.O. Box 11 12

        69251 Gaiberg


The conference office will reply with an aknowledgement letter and

a receipt of payment. Please give us an email address, as all =

communication before the conference will be done by email (final =

programme, last update before the event, etc.). In order to avoid =

energy and transport, we will NOT send a final conference package =

to registered delegates. The conference package will be provided at

Whistler. All necessary information can be found on our home page

and on the hotel and Whistler home page. Check our home page from =

time to time to find updated information under the "news" section.

The conference fee includes one copy of the conference proceedings

and the preprints, break refreshments and conference banquet. In =

the flat student rate, proceedings and conference banquet are =

excluded. Additional banquet tickets may be purchased at the Delta =

Whistler reception on arrival.


2. Personal Record

Academic title:

First name:











3. Conference fee (please mark the fee applying to you)

   * Member of GI or IFIP 5.11

     Give membership-#:

     Early rate (payment received at conference office before =

     MARCH 1, 1997): CAN-$ 625,00 or DM 750,00

     Late rate (after MARCH 1, 1997): CAN-$ 750,00 or DM 900,00

   * Non-Member

     Early rate (payment received at conference office before =

     MARCH 1, 1997): CAN-$ 700,00 or DM 840,00

     Late rate (after MARCH 1, 1997): CAN-$ 825,00 or DM 990,00

   * Student (not including PhD students and not including students

     presenting a paper)

     Attach a certification showing that you are student.

     Early rate (payment received at conference office before =

     MARCH 1, 1997): CAN-$ 250,00 or DM 300,00

     Late rate (after MARCH 1, 1997): CAN-$ 350 or DM 420,00


4. Signature

I hereby register for ISESS 1997 and agree to the terms and =

conditions of payment as stated above.



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