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Dave Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Tue Jun 28 15:35:40 EST 1994

newsgroups are ready for operation.  Information on each follows.  The
discussion leaders for MICROBIOLOGY and MOLECULAR-MODELLING should go
ahead and post welcoming messages at their convenience.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net


USENET name: bionet.jobs.wanted


E-mail addresses:  wantjob at net.bio.net
                   wantjob at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion leader: None - contact biosci-help at net.bio.net if problems occur.

Charter: This newsgroup is a forum for posting position wanted notices
*only*.  Notices of job availabilities should be posted to
EMPLOYMENT/bionet.jobs, not to this newsgroup.  People seeking
employment in the biological sciences or in positions that support work
in the biological sciences, e.g., scientific programmers, etc., may
post their resumes/CVs in this forum.  There are no format
restrictions on these posts and queries can be made by individuals
looking for work in either the for-profit or non-profit sectors.


USENET name: bionet.microbiology

Mailing list name: MICROBIOLOGY

e-mail addresses:  microbio at net.bio.net
                   microbio at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion Leader:          Martin Latterich
                            HHMI, University of California at Berkeley
                            mdhouse at mendel.berkeley.edu

Newsgroup character: bionet.microbiology is a forum for scientific
discussions/questions regarding all aspects of the microbiological
sciences, including but not limited to the microorganisms biochemistry,
evolution, genetics, host-parasite relationships, molecular biology,
pathology, physiology, role in biotechnology,  role in pathogenesis,
taxonomy and the teaching of microbiology.

Formation of a newsgroup will provide:

*** A forum for discussion of old and new ideas, problems and recent
developments in the field of microbiology. 

*** A forum to discuss the role of microbiology in education.

*** A bulletin board for announcements of meetings, funding sources and job

*** A communication source for sharing mutants, strains, molecular probes,
DNA libraries, antisera, etc.

*** Opportunities for collaborative efforts between labs at different
locations and/or between industrial and academic research labs. The forum
will also provide opportunities to exchange new ideas concerning the
teaching of microbiology, curricular design, as well as the education of
the public about the benefits and/or hazards of microbes

*** A collection of practical advice, methodologies specific to the field
of microbiology, a list of frequently asked questions, including but not
limited to common techniques, experimental approaches to reoccurring
problems, the "to-knows" about bacteria and viruses, pointers to other
information sources and frequently asked questions that arise.

*** A periodic posting of e-mail addresses of subscribers or interested

The newsgroup isd unmoderated and I am willing to act as the current

Martin Latterich (mdhouse at mendel.berkeley.edu)


USENET name: bionet.molec-model

Mailing list name: MOLECULAR-MODELLING

E-mail addresses:  molmodel at net.bio.net
                   molmodel at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion Leader: 
                        Philippe Stas                    philstas at vub.ac.be 
                        Dept. of Cellular Immunology
                        Free University of Brussels      tel: 32-2-359.03.58
                        Paardenstraat 65                 Fax: 32-2-359.03.59
                        B1640 St.Genesius Rode


This will be a non-moderated newsgroup about the physical and chemical
aspects of molecular modelling, including discussions about algorythms
and the applications behind the software.  The interest of the group
will be more towards modelling outcomes, pitfalls, methodology and
techniques, rather than towards discussions on bugs or system errors.

Discussion about all kinds of molecular modelling techniques, such as
homology modelling, molecular dynamics, diffuse dynamics,
electrostatic calculations, surface analysis, will be included in the
newsgroup, excluding discussions about X-tal or NMR techniques (see
other groups).

The newsgroup will not be restricted on the program or platform used.
A FAQ will be compiled and posted monthly.

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