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New prototype newsgroup - BIGBLUE

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Tue Jun 21 16:36:55 EST 1994

We have established a new prototype newsgroup, BIGBLUE, with the
following charter.

Posting address: bigblue at net.bio.net

Discussion leader:

       Johan de Boer                             jdboer at sol.uvic.ca
       Center for Enviromental Health            Tel: 604-656-8146
       Universtity of Victoria                   Fax: 604-656-8148
       B.C. Canada

The purpose of this group is to function as a means of communication
between researchers who use the BigBlue transgenic mouse system. It
will facilitate exchange of information, protocols, ideas and function
as a forum for problems.

Subscribing to this list:

Note that prototype groups are only available from net.bio.net for a
six month trial period, so please follow the directions below
regardless of your geographical location.

Log in to the computer account in which you would like to receive mail
(not an account that you use infrequently) and send a mail message to
the Internet address

biosci-server at net.bio.net

Leave the Subject: line of the message blank (any text on it will be
ignored) and enter the following line into the body of the mail

subscribe bigblue

This message will be automatically read by our computer and your
e-mail address will be extracted from the mail header and added to the

How to look at archives of the list:

Since this is a "prototype newsgroup," our archive services are not as
extensive as for a complete newsgroup.  We maintain an FTP archive of
messages which can also be accessed by Gopher, but the messages are
*not* indexed for searching and retrieval.  The terms "FTP," "Gopher,"
and "WAIS" and how to use them are explained in the BIOSCI FAQ sheet.
For those who already know about these, suffice it to say that you can
use anonymous FTP to our machine net.bio.net [] and look
in the directory pub/BIOSCI/BIGBLUE for posting archives.  Each file is
assigned a date such as 9312 for December 1993.  Please note that ours
is a UNIX system and all file and directory names are case-sensitive,
i.e., upper case file names are different from lower case names.  You
can also access these same files via Gopher if you start a gopher
session using net.bio.net as your gopher server.  The files are in the
BIGBLUE directory.

Future Plans for the group:

This is a "prototype newsgroup" in our terminology which means that it
is currently distributed only by e-mail and not on USENET.  You will
find it listed near the end of the BIOSCI info sheet, not in the main
list of BIOSCI newsgroups.  In six months there will be a vote to
either convert it to a full-fledged USENET newsgroup or shut it down.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

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