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New Version of Not Just Cows

BILL DREW DREWWE at snymorva.cs.snymor.edu
Wed Jun 15 22:55:12 EST 1994

This announcement has been posted to several listservs.  Please forgive the
cross posting.

Version 3.0 of my guide to INTERNET Resources in Agriculture is now available
via our gopher and from me via e-mail requests.  This version has been
reorganized and greatly expanded to include new World Wide Web and Gopher
resources.  It now parallels the World Wide Web version.  

NOT JUST COWS - A Guide to INTERNET/Bitnet Resources in Agriculture and Related
Sciences;Version 3.0; Written and Compiled by Wilfred Drew, 6/15/94; SUNY at
Morrisville College of Agriculture and Technology.
The purpose of this Guide is to list Agricultural and Related Sciences
information resources available through the INTERNET. Agricultural information
resources listed include; an index of over 70 libraries with extensive
collections in agriculture; over 10 INTERNET electronic bulletin boards (BBS)
such as Advanced Technology Information Network and CENET; a collection of mail
based services such as Almanac Servers and over 60 Listserve Discussion Groups;
Gophers such as those run by the USDA Extension Service, World Wide Web, and
other  miscellaneous information resources such as WAIS and FEDIX.

Please discard any earlier editions dated before June 15,1994.  Version 3.0 is
the only up-to-date edition. The latest copy will always be available via our
gopher.  There is also only the plain vanilla ascii release at the present
time.  It will be updated regularly.

Please feel free to use this guide in any way you want as long as YOU DO NOT
CHARGE ANY ONE FOR A COPY.  Please also credit me for my work.  It took a lot
of digging to assemble this guide.  I could have put the standard copy right
statement in it but I hate those things and will only do that if necessary.

If you just want to look at it, point your goper to snymorva.cs.snymor.edu.
Go to Library Service. It will be under that menu or in that folder.

Gopher Link Information

Name= Internet/BITNET Resources in Agriculture by Wilfred Drew

URL: gopher://SNYMORVB.cs.snymor.edu:70

For those of you with access to the World Wide Web here is the URL for the WWW
version of Not Just Cows


Wilfred Drew (Call me "Bill")        Serials/Reference/Systems Librarian
SUNY College of Ag. & Tech.;   P.O. Box 902;  Morrisville, NY 13408-0902 
Phone: (315)684-6055 or 684-6060 Fax: (315)684-6115          My URL is:

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