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CALL FOR VOTES: ZBRAFISH/bionet.organisms.zebrafish

David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Mon Jun 13 17:35:14 EST 1994

Voting is now open on the following proposal to create the mailing
list & newsgroup ZBRAFISH/bionet.organisms.zebrafish.  There were no
changes made to the original charter.

*** NOTE *** We are currently running several votes for other
newsgroups, so please be certain to follow the voting directions
*carefully*!  If you just send in a message saying "YES" or "NO" it
will not be counted if it is not clear which proposal you are
responding to.

Proposal to create          ZBRAFISH/bionet.organisms.zebrafish

   Usenet newsgroup name:   bionet.organisms.zebrafish

   Status:                  not moderated

   Mailing list name:       ZBRAFISH

   Mailing list addresses:  zbrafish at net.bio.net
                            zbrafish at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion Leaders:         Richard Vogt
                            University of South Carolina
                            Department of Biological Sciences
                            Columbia, SC  29208
                            vogt at biol.scarolina.edu

                            Una Smith
                            Department of Biology
                            Yale University
                            New Haven, CT  06520-8104
                            smith-una at yale.edu


A newsgroup and linked mailing list for discussion of the Zebrafish
(Danio rerio), a popular species for the study of the molecular
genetics of early development, to exchange pertinent information,
both technical and biologicial, among people who study this organism.


The use of the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a molecular genetic model 
for early development has increased dramatically over the last 
decade.  This increase is highlighted by recent reviews in Nature 
(May 5, p. 59) and Science (May 13, p. 904) discussing significant 
genetic mapping and mutational/developmental studies, and by a recent 
meeting at Cold Spring Harbor (CSH) Laboratories, "Zebrafish 
Development and Genetics", which drew around 325 participants.  The 
number of laboratories involved in Zebrafish research is increaseing 
at an astounding rate, as is the distribution of these laboratories 
throughout the world.  A specific request was made by participants at 
the CSH meeting to establish increased computer networking so that 
information regarding Zebrafish research could be more rapidly 
distributed and exchanged, and so that community ties could be 
maintained.  Partly in response to this request, Dick Vogt and others
have established a Zebrafish WWW server ("zebra.scarolina.edu"); 
however, such servers are still not highly interactive.  

We would like to propose the formation of a new group devoted to 
research on Zebrafish and related species.  This newsgroup will
help maintain close ties between all Zebrafish researchers and will 
complement existing avenues of information dissemination, including 
a regular Zebrafish Development and Genetics Meeting (2 year cycle), 
the Zebrafish Monitor (a semi-annual newsletter) and developing 
database servers.

Formation of this newsgroup would provide:

    A source of quick help on research methods particular to 
    Zebrafish, including colony maintenance questions and the
    exchange of breeding stocks.

    A timely, rapid vehicle for announcements about workshops
    and meetings, and other news.

    A public forum for open-ended discussion and debate about
    difficult community-wide issues, such as conventions for 
    naming new genes.

    A forum for new Zebrafish researchers to become acquainted
    and develop personal networks within the community.

    An archive of searchable information for future use by
    Zebrafish researchers and others.

Adminstrative details:

Although Dick Vogt is enthusiastic about serving as the discussion
leader of the proposed bionet.organisms.zebrafish newsgroup, he will
be on an island for much of the summer.  He has access to Usenet
from the island, but will check in less frequently than usual, by
modem, thus Una Smith will lead discussion of the proposal for this

This proposal will be publicized in the Zebrafish bulletin edited
by Monte Westerfield at U. of Oregon, on the Zebrafish Web archive,
by word of mouth within the Zebrafish research community, and on
several mailing lists having to do with fish:  FISHFOLK, KILLIES,
FISH-ECOLOGY and FISHERIES.  Suggestions for other relevant places
to mention the proposal are welcome.

        Una Smith                               smith-una at yale.edu

Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT  06520-8104  USA

Voting is now open on the proposal for
ZBRAFISH/bionet.organisms.zebrafish and will run through 24:00 hrs
Pacific Time on 13 July 1994.  Please send your vote to either of the
following addresses:

Address                               Location        Network
-------                               --------        -------
biovote at daresbury.ac.uk               U.K.            JANET
biovote at net.bio.net                   U.S.A.          Internet/BITNET

NAME MAY BE AMBIGUOUS.  Your vote should contain a single line:


if you favor allowing the creation of this newsgroup or


if you think that this proposal will adversely affect the
BIOSCI/bionet system.  While not intended to be an exhaustive list of
possible concerns (more specific concerns may have been raised during
the discussion period on BIOFORUM/bionet.general and interested
readers are referred to these), some general reasons for voting NO
might be if you are concerned about newsgroup proliferation and/or
believe that the proposed group will not be utilized, or if you think
that the proposed newsgroup would substantially duplicate or overlap
with the function of existing newsgroups.  If you are simply not
interested in participating in the newsgroup above, please don't cast
a NO vote, but instead just don't vote at all.

The newsgroup proposal must receive at least 80 YES votes to pass and
the number of YES votes must be greater than the number of NO votes by
at least 40.  Discussion of the newsgroup proposal is now closed and
we strongly discourage posting any messages in other forums about the
fact that a CALL FOR VOTES has been issued.  Permission has been
granted to the discussion leader to redistribute this announcement to
other members of the Zebrafish research community.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

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